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The Math Behind the Networking Claim

Tweet “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking.”

When the Ad Says “Unemployed Need Not Apply”

Tweet Here’s a trend we all hope will not catch on: Hiring managers refusing to consider unemployed people for an open position.  In other words “Only currently employed need apply.” For the unemployed, this is a disturbing development. Perhaps negative media attention will keep this trend from spreading. But it raises a great issue: What […]

Relationship Building: 101

Tweet Let’s say that you’ve already identified at least one person, maybe a few people, who do the kind of work you’d like to do. In other words, you have a role model.  In order to make best use of this relationship, there are a few things to understand about choosing to associate with like-minded people […]

Are You A SMART Job Seeker?

Tweet If you want the qualities of a successful job seeker, consider: 1)      Strategy:  Most job seekers have none, or poor strategies for approaching job search.  There are hundreds of applicants per job via electronic listing and many looking for work still use this method as their main approach when only 15% of jobs are […]

Small Business Challenges, Your Opportunities

Tweet In order to bridge the gap between an employer’s needs and your own, try putting yourself in their shoes, and you’ll get a huge perspective shift. I recently sat in on a group discussion about the needs of a small advertising agency regarding client relationships and talent acquisition for the firm, and found the concerns surprisingly similar. […]

Say Yes Until It’s REALLY Time to Say No

Tweet One of the things I’ve noticed over my years in my work is the amount of energy people invest in saying no. The form varies (No, I can’t. No, that’s not realistic. No, that’s not likely. No, they’ll never want to.), but at the heart of it all lies one central theme – a […]

A must-read article – “The Big Fix”

Tweet I just highly recommend this article in last weekend’s New York Times Magazine, The Big Fix (What can Obama do to transform an economy that can no longer count on Wall Street or Silicon Valley?), by David Leonhardt. It’s a very sightful article and it triggered me to think about a few things specifically […]

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