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7 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers

Tweet “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a classic and highly recommended book, for anyone looking for an increased sense of purpose, efficiency and effectiveness.  The principles in the book apply in the workplace, at home, in school and to job search.   Each of the seven habits has very direct applications and relevancy to […]

Staying Positive During Your Job Search

Tweet Having a positive mindset is important in your job search.  However, job search length has become much longer in the past few years no matter you are trying to change your job or are currently out of work.  It’s understandable for job seekers to get discouraged after job hunting for a while, but without results.  Keeping a […]

Job Search Spring Cleaning

Tweet What better time to revitalize your job search than spring? Spring is a time for cleaning out cupboards, flinging open windows, and freshening up. Just as you spring clean your home, clean up your job search and hit the market fresh and ready for success. Five quick ideas to capitalize on improved hiring conditions […]

March Madness and Your Job Search

Tweet March madness is coming towards the end. If you’re a basketball fan, you have had your pen out and your brackets filled, and your fair share of ups and downs. While your mind might be on the court, the game of basketball and the game of interviewing have a lot in common. Don’t believe me? Check this […]

3 Quick Things to Shake Up Your Job Search

Tweet Feeling stuck in your job search? Here are three quick things to do right now that will revitalize your search and get you back on track:

Job Search and Football – Lessons Learned

Tweet A job search is a lot like a game of football.  No really, it is! And watching the big game, you can learn a lot that will serve you well in your job search.

Positive Thinking and Job Search Success

Tweet One of the biggest factors in a successful job search is mindset. Last time we talked about some actionable items discouraged job seekers can take to turn around a negative outlook.  Today, we want to provide some food for thought.

Thankfulness for Job Seekers

Tweet If you’ve lost your job or faced a long job search, it may feel like there is little to be thankful for. But thankfulness, the conscious awareness of the good in our lives, is vital to keeping a positive mindset.  A Wall Street Journal article reports that research shows thankfulness has actually been proven […]

Keeping A Positive Mind During Your Job Search

Tweet One of the biggest factors in a successful job search is mindset. Anger, frustration and discouragement can cause a job search to fizzle. Optimism, enthusiasm and an open mind will take job seekers in the direction of new and fulfilling work.  Here are some things to do to keep a positive mindset.

What We Can Learn From Walt Disney

Tweet Walt Disney- it’s a name that invokes images of theme parks, classic movies, and cartoons. He is known the world over, but the story of his career and the struggles he faced are a side that few people know. Through his stories of overcoming struggles and obstacles, we can find inspirations for our job […]