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Action Items to Jump Start 2013

Tweet The New Year brings new hiring, so for job seekers it’s critical to be diligent and strategic about your job search as 2013 begins.  Here are five things you should be doing this month to get the year off to a great start and increase the chances of job search success.

Making the Most of the August Slowdown

Tweet Many job seekers notice a slowdown in openings, interviews, and hires during the warm weeks of August. Hiring managers and recruiters may be on vacation and it can feel like not much is happening. If you’ve noticed this, don’t let it discourage you and do not put your job search on hold.

Goal Setting For Your Job Search

Tweet A recent blog focused on “spring cleaning” your job search. To help with this process of revitalization, here are some ways to set goals to keep your job search efficient and productive.

Take Our Poll: How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Job Search?

Tweet Hope you had a happy and warm Thanksgiving.  Take time this weekend to relax and re-energize by enjoying good meals, family and friends. Please tell us how much time you spend on job search activities each week. Vote and find out how you compare to other job seekers. For active job seekers only, please. [polldaddy poll=4154484]  

Video Friday: Efficient Job Searching from Home

Tweet Job seekers are sometimes challenged by the distractions of working from home. In today’s video, three quick tips for efficiency, when your job is looking for a job and your office is your house.

Break Your Addiction to Job Boards

Tweet Fortune Magazine has made it official: Job Boards are not the most effective way for most people to find employment.  The article notes it would be more effective to have lunch with one good contact than to send 50 resumes for openings through job boards.

Does Retraining Pay Off?

For-profit colleges are increasing in popularity, but their hefty tuition doesn’t always pay off. What you need to know before considering trade school.

The Myth of Multitasking: How to Manage Tasks in Your Job Search

Tweet Multitasking is a modern myth that needs to be busted. Technology enables us to be connected 24/7 to a variety of channels. Don’t be tempted by the illusion of the hyper-productivity of multitasking. The biological structure of our brain reveals just how little we can actually multitask.

Making the Most of Each Day in Your Job Search

Tweet “I’ve lost my structure,” Shannon sighed. “When I was working, the day, the week, and the month had a built-in structure. There were activities I knew I had to complete, deadlines, and accountability.  Now the days are free-form. I’m not sure what to do next and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.”   Two […]

The Answer to Job Boards?

Tweet A beta release of a new network of web sites is causing a buzz in the job search community.  It’s a new URL extension, .jobs.  Some have speculated it could wipe out the need for other job boards. This new extension is backed by a large number of companies, and allows employers to post […]