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Tips for Landing Jobs in Small Companies

The numbers show smaller companies may be a good channel for job seekers so you want to pay attention to them in your job search. But getting hired at a smaller company requires different techniques. Here are some tips to improve your chances of getting in the door at a small company or start-up.

  • Show your passion and commitment to the company and its future: Founders of small companies look for employees who share their passion for the company.
  • Address a common concern: Small business owners are almost always concerned about saving money.  In today’s economy, they might consider it more economical to automate or outsource most work. It is your job to show how you can be better than outsourcing, and overcome any concerns or hesitations.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and willingness to perform different tasks: Small companies have fewer resources available. Let the employer know that you are willing to pitch in as and when required to fill any gap.
  • Be energetic: Start-ups often have a high energy culture.  They need employees who can hang at any pace.
  • Show that you can multi-task: In a small company or startup, you may have to wear several hats at the same time. Showing your flexibility in roles and responsibilities will give you an edge in landing the job.
  • Be “proactive,” not “reactive”: Show that you can take initiatives to get things moving forward. Small companies are less likely to have tight supervision and more likely to rely on the organizational skills and initiative of each person to move things forward.
  • Be an expert: Convey to the interviewer your knowledge in the specific domain and your capability of working without direct supervision. Unlike large organizations, small companies may not have formal training programs.
  • Bring out your positive attitude and your ability to work well in a team: In small companies, the ability to get along with others is vital. Company culture is often quite strong so your ability to fit in is an important hiring criteria.


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