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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Video Friday – Ready, Set, Interview!

Tweet The 15-30 minutes leading up to a job interview are an important time to prepare yourself for success.  In this video Jobfully’s Carrie Krueger gives you ten last minute things to do so you’re ready.

Video Friday: Researching People before the Interview

Got an interview? Research the company, the position, and the individuals who will be interviewing you. Here are some tips for helpful research you can do.

Finding Connections When Applying for a Job

Tweet It’s critical to make use of connections to the company when you are applying for a position. Job seekers sometimes struggle to come up with such connections if they don’t happen to know someone who works there. Here are some things you can do to dig up connections:

Video Friday – Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch and Using it Right

Tweet Being able to share your value quickly and concisely is an important piece of a successful job search. In this video, learn how to craft an “elevator pitch” and how to use it the right way.

5 Things to Do After a Great Job Interview

Tweet You aced the interview! You walk out feeling proud and relieved. It didn’t just go well, it went great! Before you pop a champagne cork, here are five things you must do:

Building an Online Presence

Tweet Having great online presence can really help your job search. In this video Ryan Gessel gives some easy ways to get noticed online.