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Monthly Archives: August 2012

How to Get a Job as a Developer in Less Than Six Months

Tweet Today our guest blogger is Jeff Baird.  Jeff is a Ruby on Rails developer at  You can find Jeff hacking at and documenting the process at  Follow Jeff on Twitter @Jeffrey_Baird. So the month of June came and went, and so did July. A lot has happened, but I wasn’t able […]

Variety is the Spice of Networking

Tweet We’ve all heard the saying, “variety is the spice of life.”  Variety also adds flavor and zest to networking and is a critical ingredient in your job search. Ned is a market manager looking for work in his field. He has an active network of people he’s worked with in his field. But here […]

Recognizing Unique Networking Opportunities

Tweet Are you taking advantage of networking opportunities in your everyday life? You encounter these opportunities often but may miss them because they are not strictly job related.  Any community where you have built a reputation is an opportunity to network – don’t let your best networking opportunities get away from you because haven’t recognized […]

Making the Most of the August Slowdown

Tweet Many job seekers notice a slowdown in openings, interviews, and hires during the warm weeks of August. Hiring managers and recruiters may be on vacation and it can feel like not much is happening. If you’ve noticed this, don’t let it discourage you and do not put your job search on hold.

Video Friday – Building Your Online Presence

Tweet Increasingly, recruiters are sourcing candidates online.  This means your online presence is the first impression you make with potential employers.  In this video, we talk about what you can do to establish a positive professional image and make your expertise evident online. 

How to Balance Hustling and Family

Tweet Our guest blogger today is Carter Rabasa.  Carter is a husband, father of two beautiful daughters, part-time developer and full-time evangelist for @Twilio.  He lives in Seattle and you can follow up on Twitter @CarterRabasa. TL;DR – My happiness with my job (the company I work for, the people I work with, the things I […]

Tweet Your Way to a New Job

If you are a job seeker, Twitter just might help you find your next job. Recruiters are increasingly using Twitter to post job openings. But job seekers are also finding that posting on Twitter is a smart way to network, establish expertise and help others.

Getting an Engineering Job at Google – The Interview Process

Tweet Google frequently tops “Best Companies to Work For” lists.  We recently talked to a technical recruiter at Google (Seattle/Kirkland) and learned some details about their interview process for software engineers. The Work – Public and Non-public Projects Google has about 1,200 people in their Seattle area offices, with more than 85 on-going projects.  About […]

Video Friday – Using Your College Career Center

Tweet Career Services is a great resource for college graduates and alumni during their job search, but it’s often overlooked. Find out how Career Services Center at your university can help with your job search:

Wrapping Up an Internship

Tweet It’s the time of year when many students are wrapping up their internships and preparing to return to school. As my summer with Jobfully wraps up, I’ve been thinking about the best way to leave an internship.  As you depart, you need to position yourself for your future, and you want leave your employer […]