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Monthly Archives: March 2012

What Does a Successful Internship Program Look Like?

Tweet Today’s video blog comes from Jennifer King. Jennifer King is an HR Analyst at Software Advice, a company that compares and reviews human resources software. To learn more about Software Advice follow them at @HRISadvice.

How the Hidden Job Market Works

Tweet Are you skeptical about the hidden job market, or maybe not even sure what it is? It sounds a little mysterious, but the hidden job market is real and it does work to help get people hired.

Help! I Have No Online Presence!

Tweet A job seeker asks “What is online presence and why do I need it to find a job?”   In today’s job search, you can have great qualifications and excellent connections, but without online presence, you may be overlooked.  Online presence is your value displayed and expressed online. It’s what people find when they search […]

3 Quick Things to Shake Up Your Job Search

Tweet Feeling stuck in your job search? Here are three quick things to do right now that will revitalize your search and get you back on track:

Answering: Why Do You Want this Job?

Tweet The interview question “Why do you want this job” or “Why do you want to work here?” is a variation on “What interests you about this position and our company?” In a dating situation, this is the equivalent of “Why me?” or “Why are you interested in me?”  Your answer should be about why […]

Job Search Lessons from the College Admissions Season

Tweet Across the country high school seniors are receiving college admissions decisions this month. It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time following months or even years of preparation and work.  In many ways, the college admissions process is similar to job search.  If you’ve been through the roller coaster ride of college admissions, or helped your […]

Video Friday: Working with Job Recruiters

Tips for working with recruiters during your job search, in this week’s Video Friday blog.

Why You Are Not Hearing Back After Applying

Tweet Are you generating job leads, but not getting any further in the process?  Receiving no reply or a negative reply after submitting your resume for a job opening is generally a sign that you did not stand out or not a clear match. Here are the three main reasons resumes and job applications fail:

Video Friday: Using Keywords on Your Resume

Tweet Can keywords get you hired? The answer is no, but they can be a tool in your job search. Jobfully’s Carrie Krueger explains how they work and how to use them.

When You Don’t Get Your Dream Job

Tweet When I was in my late teens, my dad took me out to buy my first car. We found the perfect one, a rust colored Ford Pinto hatchback. (Does this date me at all?)  I was so excited, but on the way to take a second look and make an offer, my dad said, […]