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How to Network Wherever You Go

Tweet My friend Dee and I were snowshoeing a few weeks ago, when we ran into a man with an infant in a baby back pack and a dog at his side. We stopped to chat, admiring him for snowshoeing alone with his little one, asking how the baby liked the ride on daddy’s snowshoes.  […]

Working with Employment Agencies

Tweet Many job seekers work with placement agencies or temp agencies to increase the reach and effectiveness of their job search. There are some advantages to this, but also reasons to be cautious. News coverage of poor treatment and even scams by agencies has some job seekers wary. Here are some good reasons to work […]

Building a Powerful Network

Tweet What makes a good network? Is it a small and select group that we have strong bonds with, or a huge group of hundreds of people we barely know/contact with? Few other people can better give us insights into professional networking than Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn.  We read in Fortune/CNNMonday a rather […]

Effective Cover Letters

Learn what makes your cover letter stand out when applying for a job.

Frustrating Job Search? Don’t Play the Blame Game

Tweet When you face a job search setback, such as not getting hired after an interview, where do you place the blame? The economy? Your age, race or gender? The foolishness of hiring managers?  Blaming external factors over which you have little control may be convenient, but it probably does little to

Craigslist Job Hunting: Two Key Workarounds

Tweet Today our guest blogger is Matt Youngquist. Matt is the President of Career Horizons, serving Northwest individuals and organizations dealing with the unique challenges of job hunting and employment transition.  Matt is a recognized expert in the field of career coaching, job hunting, and professional employment counseling.  You can follow him on Twitter @mattyoungquist.   […]

When You Don’t Have the Required Years of Experience

Tweet Job descriptions often give very specific time requirements for certain skills. Should a job seeker apply even if they don’t have the exact number of years? YES!

Avoiding “Unemployment Discrimination”

Tweet Are employers discriminating by refusing to consider unemployed people for open positions? It’s unclear whether this practice is illegal and how widespread it may be.  It does happen and it’s important to understand why. Employers are trying to hire the best and brightest people with the sharpest, most up to date skills. All things […]

Job Search Lessons From Dating

Tweet You find a job that looks interesting, you go to the interview looking your best to see if the job is a good fit, you go home and wait by the phone for the call back… Sound familiar? Maybe like a first date? If you think about it, the process of getting a job […]

Job Search Secrets from a Google Recruiter

Tweet Google regularly tops the list of the top companies to work for and the most admired companies. They are also known for attracting and selecting top talent and a work environment that empowers employees to pursue their passion. In a recent CBS Money Watch article, Robert Pagliarini interviewed a recruiting expert at Google, Bryan […]