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Don’t Let Your Appearance Hurt Your Job Search

Tweet We may not think about the impressions we make with our appearance very often.  Most people are pretty set in the way they dress, the way they wear their hair, and their taste in fashion.  But during a job search, you meet new people more often and are reguarly creating a first impressions.  Are your looks holding you back? Now may be a good […]

Is it Age Discrimination or Something Else?

Tweet Do you believe you are you being turned down for jobs because of your age? Age discrimination is often blamed after an unsuccessful application, but it’s almost always impossible to know if age really was a factor. Here are some of the common reasons given for not hiring a mature worker:

The Introvert’s Guide to Interviewing

Tweet As not only an introvert, but also a shy introvert, I have always found social situations to be incredibly difficult. When you add the stress that anyone might feel over an important interview, nerves and anxiety can be overwhelming. But with proper preparation, practice, and patience any introvert can interview like the best of […]

What I Learned from 50+ Mock Interviews

Tweet Today’s guest blog is by Bilal Aslam, who recently launched WiserProfile, giving you personalized feedback on your LinkedIn profile.  Bilal is a technical visionary with 5 years of experience at Microsoft, currently an engineer on Windows Azure. Recently, Bilal was the VP of Engineering at emptyspaceads, a seed-stage startup. His passions include data mining and distributed systems. One […]

Social Media and Your Career: Two Simple Rules

Tweet Today our guest blogger is Matt Youngquist. Matt is the President of Career Horizons, serving Northwest individuals and organizations dealing with the unique challenges of job hunting and employment transition.  Matt is a recognized expert in the field of career coaching, job hunting, and professional employment counseling.  You can follow him on Twitter @mattyoungquist. So […]

Showing How Age is an Advantage

Tweet Older workers tend to believe their age will be viewed as a disadvantage by potential employers. But are there ways to portray it as an advantage? Absolutely!  There are many positives to hiring an older worker and lots of ways to demonstrate them throughout the job search process.

What Can Job Seekers Expect in 2012?

Tweet The news is full of reports about unemployment statistics, a possible increase in hiring in the New Year and when and how fast the economy might recover.  Naturally, many job seekers comb through this news hoping for information that will help with their job search.

Seattle Job Openings – iOS Software Engineer & UX Researcher

Tweet Innovations IQ, an Issaquah, WA company specializes in IT placements.  InnovationsIQ, a partner of Jobfully, is a staffing and recruiting agency that cares about the career growth and development of their consultants. An iOS Software Development Engineer  and a User Experience Researcher are among many of their contract opportunities.  If you are interested, please contact

Video Friday: Body Language in Job Interviews

Tweet Body language can make or break a job interview. In this video learn how to convey capability, interest and professionalism with body language.

Encouraging Job Seekers

Tweet Sometimes, a job search can feel like a marathon. It involves going the distance, pushing through hard times and never giving up. If you’ve ever run a marathon, or even a 5k, you know encouragement from the crowd, your support crew and fellow athletes is vital to your success. If you’re a job seeker, it’s important to […]