Month: August 2011

Be the Job

You know how to know the job and look the job, but do you know how to be the job?  There are some aspects of behavior that are the same no matter what job you are looking for – you should be courteous, polite, prompt.  These are things that, regardless of the position you are applying for, will get you noticed in a positive way.  Here are some simple guidelines any job seeker can follow to stand out as a good employee. Read More

Self-Care During a Job Search

Today’s guest blog is by Helene Cho, Career and Life Coach, Consultant, Author of Hamster on the Wheel; Cultivating Life Work Balance

“If you only focus on the golden egg and neglect the goose who is laying it, there will be no golden eggs.”

 Stephen Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (paraphrased).



Looking for a job is often the hardest job you have ever had. For most people, having to be “on” during networking and interviewing activities constantly takes a toll. Read More

Guided Versus Unguided Job Search

There was a time when it didn’t take much planning or strategy to land a job. The expanding economy favored job seekers and it didn’t take long to find work.  But today, the balance has changed.  It’s a “hiring company’s market.”  Attempting an ad hoc job search without guidance in tactics and best practices often leads to a lengthy job search, creating economic stress. Read More

Internships: Brilliant or Bogus?

A recent article in The Week Magazine highlights the increase in internships by job seekers, including those who are fairly advanced in their careers. The article has ignited a firestorm amongst job seekers, some of whom find the whole concept of an internship, particularly an unpaid internship, completely bogus.  Some view internships merely as a chance for employers to take advantage of unpaid labor in order to advance their business.

If you’re a job seeker, spending time and energy on the debate over the merits of interning may not be directly helpful for your job hunt. Read More

Know the Job

There are three key elements to getting the job you want – knowing the job, looking the job, and being the job.  How well do you really know the job you hope to get?  This is the first step to reaching your end goal.

When you are job seeking, you need to know the job you want, what it entails, how to do it, and how to be successful at it.  You also need to be able to get all of that information across to your contacts, interviewers, and potential coworkers in a clear, concise, and consistent manner.  Read More