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Preparing for a Hiring Boom

Are you ready for a hiring boom? The Wall Street Journal published a piece this weekend confirming that in April, companies increased hiring at the fastest pace in five years. According to the government snapshot of the labor market, the US created 244,000 jobs, with 268,000 in the private sector. Here are three things you should do now to position yourself for success as hiring picks up.


How will you know which companies are resuming hiring as the economy improves? How will you hear of start-ups that are now ready to hire or established companies that are expanding?  Invest in research so you are the first to learn of new opportunities.


  • Follow companies of interest on Twitter
  • Follow industry in insider blogs
  • Read local business journal  and the business section of your local paper


Increase Networking

As the market thaws, you are most likely to hear about job openings through your network. You’re also more likely to be considered for a job, get an interview, and be hired if your network is paving the way for you.


  • Reconnect with individuals in your network, get updates on their work and challenges
  • Make time for face-to-face meetings with contacts to strengthen your relationship
  • Add new people to your network who have connections to target companies and industries


Revitalize Your Resume

It’s tempting to feel your resume is “done” and ready to send out. The truth is, you should constantly be revising, updating and improving your resume. Especially as hiring picks up, make sure it is relevant to new opportunities.


  • Proactively fill resume gap with productive activities
  • Add new accomplishments and achievements to your resume
  • Update keywords
  • Prepare to customize to new opportunities


Don’t wait around for the hiring boom to begin. Be optimistic and proactive. Get to work now preparing for success in the months ahead.

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