Month: May 2011

Making the Most of Each Day in Your Job Search

“I’ve lost my structure,” Shannon sighed. “When I was working, the day, the week, and the month had a built-in structure. There were activities I knew I had to complete, deadlines, and accountability.  Now the days are free-form. I’m not sure what to do next and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.”   Two months into a job search, Shannon’s feelings are very common.

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How Much is “Free” Costing You?

The teenage son of a friend recently shared with us that he had found a way to watch movies on the internet for “free.” He explained that the only downside was that the quality of the picture was not very good. Oh, and the audio was hard to hear. Oh, and many of the movies cut out at 90 minutes, so you didn’t get to see the ending. But it was “free!”  Of course the adults had a good laugh at this and wondered, “Is free really worth it when renting movies doesn’t cost much?” Read More

Preparing for a Hiring Boom

Are you ready for a hiring boom? The Wall Street Journal published a piece this weekend confirming that in April, companies increased hiring at the fastest pace in five years. According to the government snapshot of the labor market, the US created 244,000 jobs, with 268,000 in the private sector. Here are three things you should do now to position yourself for success as hiring picks up.

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