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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Job Leads (Tacoma, WA) and Internship Opportunities (Seattle / Redmond)

Exciting internship opportunities at Jobfully (a technology startup in Seattle) and job leads at DaVita (a FORTUNE 500 company – Tacoma, Washington Office).

Persistence and Job Search

Tweet Many job seekers, especially those who have been out of work for awhile, experience a sense that “nothing is working.” They may feel they have “tried everything” without success.  The temptation is to give up. But if you want and need to work, quitting your job search is not an option. Instead, it’s more […]

Supporting The Job Seeker In Your Life

Tweet Unemployment can be hard on couples.  Economic stress along with the emotional impact of job loss can take a toll on everyone in the family. Partners of job-seekers play an important role in managing this challenging time and creating a positive environment in the household. 

The Importance of Self-Belief During Job Search

Tweet When you apply for a job, you are asking a perspective employer to believe in you.  That leap of faith will be much more likely if you believe in yourself. Self-belief is critical to your job search.  It creates a confidence that comes through in every encounter, allowing you to effectively sell yourself and […]

How a Job Search Buddy Can Boost Your Success

Tweet Support and accountability are important parts of a successful job search. One way to get both is to have a job search buddy.  So many things in life are easier or more fun when you have a partner that is either doing the same thing, or is there to support you on your journey.