Month: March 2011

Celebrating Job Search Successes

If you ask a friend how he lost weight, he will tell you he did it one pound at a time. If you ask a runner how he finished the race, he’ll confirm it happened one mile at a time. A master chef will tell you the award winning soufflé is made step by step.  The same is true with job search. You can’t leap straight from “looking” to “employed” anymore than you can leap from flour and eggs to soufflé. You must take small, continuous steps toward success.  Just as a runner celebrates each mile, it’s important for job seekers to acknowledge and celebrate every milestone along the way. Read More

Hanging on to Hope During a Long Job Search

The long term unemployed are not emotionally thriving, according to a new Gallup poll.The results are probably not a surprise for anyone involved in a lengthy job search.  As weeks of unemployment increase, so do worry, sadness, stress and anger. Ultimately depression strikes more than a quarter of those out of work for longer than 11 weeks, nearly double the rate of depression for all adults.

There is hope. In fact, hope is the key to thriving during a job search. Read More