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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Should You Hide Your Age During Job Search?

Tweet Older workers often ask “How can I hide my age on my resume?”   They fear age discrimination and believe that concealing their age will help them avoid the issue.  They remove dates, graduation years and other give-aways. Here is a different approach:

The Importance of Friends During Job Search

Tweet Job seekers need friends.  If you are out of work, it’s important you have friends you can turn to. If you have a friend who is out of work, it’s critical to recognize the important role you play in your friends’ job search. Here are the key roles friends play in a job search:

Using LinkedIn to Get a Target Job

Tweet LinkedIn is a valuable tool for job seekers. Coupled with a job search strategy, consistent networking, determined research and effective interviewing, LinkedIn can be an important piece in your job search. Lydia* had been out of work 8 months. With Jobfully’s guidance she had already:

Celebrating Job Search Successes

Tweet If you ask a friend how he lost weight, he will tell you he did it one pound at a time. If you ask a runner how he finished the race, he’ll confirm it happened one mile at a time. A master chef will tell you the award winning soufflé is made step by […]

IT Consulting Group Hiring Seattle Recruiter

Tweet RiverPoint, a Chicago-based Information Consulting Company is  hiring a Seattle based recruiting and account manager with experience in the IT sector.  This is a full time, base plus commission and benefits position.  Details and contact information below.

Being Confident not Cocky as You Job Search

Tweet Job seekers, especially older workers, are given two pieces of potentially conflicting advice: Be humble Sell yourself The two seem contradictory. Is there a way to do both?  The answer is yes, but it takes great communication skills, self awareness, and practice.  First understand the reasons behind each piece of advice.

Hanging on to Hope During a Long Job Search

Tweet The long term unemployed are not emotionally thriving, according to a new Gallup poll.The results are probably not a surprise for anyone involved in a lengthy job search.  As weeks of unemployment increase, so do worry, sadness, stress and anger. Ultimately depression strikes more than a quarter of those out of work for longer […]