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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Is Your Appearance Hurting Your Job Search?

Tweet Are your looks stopping you from getting hired? A recent AARP report noted older job seekers resorting to orthodontics, plastic surgery and more, in hopes that looking better will get them hired.  As we reported in “Do Looks Matter?”,  appearance is rated the third most important factor in hire decisions following qualifications and confidence.  That […]

Job Openings at Seattle-based Technology Company

Tweet Healthcare and technology are two of the hottest career areas these days. Seattle-based Appature is in both spaces, as a fast-growing technology company in the healthcare space. They have 11 job openings right now,

Sharing Your Network with Your Partner

Tweet For job seekers, growing a strong network is a top priority. If your partner is out of work, one of the best ways to help is to offer to share your network. Those who are not currently working, such as stay-at-home parents, may feel they don’t have much of a network to share.  Here […]

Which Job Board is Best?

Tweet Job seekers often ask, “Which is the best job board?”  The Internet is filled with thousands of them.  With so many to choose from, which one is right for you?  Is there such a thing as a right job board for you? Although job boards can lead to employment, the reality is most job […]

Successful Job Search in Today’s Economy

Tweet Jobs and employment are very much in the news.  President Obama focused on the issue of job creation and the challenges of unemployment in his State of the Union address.  Time Magazine has declared a year-long focus on jobs.  There are mixed reports on unemployment numbers and jobs recovery, but a survey

Dealing With Depression During Your Job Search

Tweet Depression can really slow down your job search progress.  Many people who are out of work suffer from depression at some point during the process.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but if you recognize you are suffering from it, take steps to deal with it and get back on track finding a job. […]

2011 Job Search Restart

Tweet Out with the old, in with the new! Whether you are just starting your job search, looking for a fresh beginning or, the time is right to bring new energy, strategy and tactics to your search. Here’s what is working in your favor: Hiring picks up in January The economy is showing signs of […]

2011 Trend that Creates Opportunity for Job Seekers

Tweet The human resources website TNLT is reporting a “voluntary exodus” of burned out workers who stayed put through layoffs and the recession but are now confident enough to leave.   This report follows statistics last year showing more than half of all currently employed workers planned to make a move once the economy improves. This […]

Seattle Start-up PhotoRocket is hiring

Tweet Seattle start-up PhotoRocket is hiring for three positions: Senior Product Manager,  Core Developer Ruby on Rails and Front End JavaScript Architect.  Details are  below. To apply send materials to: Senior Product Manager (fulltime) To help us launch PhotoRocket to the masses and keep us thinking, building and creating — we’re looking for a […]