Month: August 2010

Keeping Your Age from Being an Issue

Age discrimination is illegal so your age should not be an issue in your job search. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be. In reality, some feel their age might be a liability in their job search. A strategy to avoid the issue is to keep your age out of it until you’ve had the chance to sell yourself as a great match for a position.

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Job Openings: Vertafore is Hiring

Vertafore is hiring. Their website tells a little about the company:

Vertafore, Inc. is a leading provider of software and information to the insurance industry including independent agents, brokers, MGAs, carriers and reinsurers. For more than 30 years, Vertafore has leveraged a unique industry presence to deliver meaningful solutions—powerful technology, critical information and robust insights to help organizations effectively respond to business challenges and capture new opportunities. Vertafore solutions have helped more than 17,000 customers and 500,000 end users gain a competitive advantage to accelerate their business performance.

It goes on to list job openings in these areas:

Accounting (1)
Customer Service (6)
Human Resource (1)
Information Technology (4)
Marketing/Product Marketing (4)
Product Development (16)
Product Management (1)
Professional Services (4)
Quality Assurance (1)
Sales (12)

Learn more on the Vertafore website.

Seattle Job Lead: Senior Software Engineer at Adapx

Senior Software Engineer
About Adapx:
Adapx helps a range of businesses and agencies speed data collection and streamline operations with Capturx software. Adapx has developed a full line of Capturx products, which are natural interfaces into Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, PDF, and SharePoint through digital pens and voice. Capturx enables paper designs, maps, and forms to be filled out or marked up with digital pens, which convert the handwriting and integrate the data directly into these market leading applications. Adapx has been recognized by Gartner, as a “Cool Vendor in Emerging Technologies,” by ESRI, as New Partner of the Year Award, among others.

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When Your Job is Looking for a Job

If you are between jobs, people probably assume you have lots of free time. But the truth is, if you’re actively seeking a new job, you should be pretty busy. Here are some ways to bring organization and discipline to the job of looking for a job.

Set up workspace. Organize your papers, have a place for your computer, good lighting and a comfortable chair. If possible, pleasant, quiet workspace set away from the rest of the home is ideal. But, if your workspace is the kitchen table, that’s OK, too. Just set it up for function and efficiency and be clear with yourself that, when you’re sitting there, you’re at work.

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