Month: July 2010

Unemployed Need Not Apply: The Numbers Behind the Claim

There’s been a lot of discussion about the claim that some recruiters and hiring managers are only interested in people who are already employed. This report, circulated on CNN and other major news sources, raised the specter of discrimination against the unemployed. But a recent poll should go a long way to putting minds at ease.

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Making the Most of Hiring Ebs and Flows

Have you ever heard that no one gets hired in August?  That’s not really true, of course, but there are seasonal recruitment cycles including peak and slow periods. Understanding them can give you an edge and improve your chances of getting hired. By knowing which months of the year are the most popular hiring periods in specific companies and industries, you can plan your job search process more efficiently. During the months of slow hiring, prepare yourself for the busy hiring period.

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The Introvert’s Guide to Networking

If the idea of walking into a room full of people and talking to any of them makes you want to crawl back into bed for a week, this post is for you.  And the advice is coming from someone like you (me).  Many people (extroverts) say that to be successful in business or with your career, you have to suck in your entire personality and just “become an extrovert” for the ten, fifteen, or fifty minutes it takes to do some successful networking.  They are, of course, incorrect.  Introverts just need to prepare in their own way.

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Recruiting via Social Networks is Booming

Are you looking for recruiters who have an urgent need to hire now? The way to find them just may be through social media. A new survey shows recruiters are using social networks ahead of all other forms of recruiting and are most likely to increase use of it this year. More than a third of the recruiters surveyed say they need to make immediate hires. Recruiters reported finding higher quality candidates via social networking and rated job boards last for quality of candidates.

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Beating Unemployment Stats with Techniques that Work

The monthly release of unemployment figures leaves some job seekers feeling the blues. One approach to digesting these job figures is to not get caught up in the up-and-downs and focus instead on what is working. Every day people are getting hired and starting new jobs. For the job seeker the question becomes, “How can I be one of the people who gets hired?”  A recent panel of job seekers who had found work revealed five actions that the newly hired felt led them to success. Here is a summary of techniques that worked and how you can implement them:

Built up visibility in a small community. To do this, join local professional groups, participate in online groups and attend local meetings and conferences.  Make yourself known in your industry or field so that when jobs open up, people think of you.

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