Month: May 2010

Action Items for New College Grads Looking for Work

In our last blog, we went over some food for thoughts for new college graduates to identify a clear and focused entry into the job market.  Today, we will talk about what actions new college graduate can take once they have a good idea on what they are looking for in today’s job market.

Sanitize web image. Potential employers are increasingly Goggling candidates, looking at their Facebook pages and LinkedIn profile. College students are particularly vulnerable to getting a bad “web reputation”. As job seekers, they must do everything possible to clean up their web image, removing or privatizing photos and other content and also creating a positive web presence through a LinkedIn Profile, a professional blog or a professional web page.

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Job Seeking for New College Grads

A challenging job market awaits the tens of thousands of college graduates who receive their diplomas this month.  One recent estimate is that 17% of people ages 20 to 24 do not have a job and two million college graduates are unemployed. The good news is that the job market for recent college grads is improving, with hiring up 5% according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.  Even with less than ideal numbers, there is much new college graduates can do to find fulfilling employment.

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Using Facebook In Your Job Search

To use Facebook in your job search, you must first define your Facebook presence and page as personal, professional or both.  Beyond that critical decision, there are several important ways you can use Facebook to advance your job search.

Your Friends, Your Network
If you are using Facebook as a personal social network, your Facebook friends are your inner-circle network. As such, they care about your success and are likely to want to help you.  To use this resource in a respectful way:

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Facebook and the Job Search: Personal, Professional, or Both?

For many, Facebook is a social Mecca. It’s a fun, easy way to share photos, news, party invitations and birthday greetings. And it certainly has no place in a professional job search, right? Yet with the job market tight, job seekers can’t afford to ignore the world’s most trafficked website as a road to a new job.

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Sorting Through Reports on Job and Employment Trends

It seems every day there is a news item about unemployment numbers, hiring trends, layoffs or the possibility of recovery. Last week the Wall Street Journal reported “Job Gains Speed Up and More Seek Work”.  The New York Times had a similar report, Economy Gains Impetus as U.S. Adds 290,000 Jobs, showing that, although 290,000 jobs were added, the unemployment number also went up.  So what is a job seeker to do with all this news? Some suggestions for riding the hiring trends roller coaster:

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More Seattle Job Leads (5/3/10)

First, Jobfully has a new intern position in Online Content and Marketing.  It’s a great opportunity to gain hands-on work experience at an exciting startup and build expertise in the area of online content and marketing.  For more detail, see

Additionally, another Seattle-based startup, Socrata, is hiring!  Socrata announced job opportunities at last Friday’s Seattle Lunch 2.0 event, hosted by Talent Spring.

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