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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Increase Your Potential With Trips Off The Beaten Track

Tweet “Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. You will be certain to find something you have never seen before.” ~ Alexander Graham Bell Habit and routine play a positive role in life, to be sure. They help us move forward without wasting energy on mundane recurring choices. But too often they […]

Reality Check On Periods Of Unemployment

Tweet It’s not just you. If news of the economy showing signs of better health seem a little too rosy, this article from the latest issue of The Atlantic: How a new jobless era will transform America, will put things in perspective. Yes, the numbers are grim, but there is a well-reasoned wake-up call for most […]

Say Yes Until It’s REALLY Time to Say No

Tweet One of the things I’ve noticed over my years in my work is the amount of energy people invest in saying no. The form varies (No, I can’t. No, that’s not realistic. No, that’s not likely. No, they’ll never want to.), but at the heart of it all lies one central theme – a […]

Stay Engaged, Find a Role Model

Tweet Over time, as you do the work of “working on yourself”, the fluctuations in energy and concentration wear on even the hardiest among us. At heart we know we have to put ourselves in front of people, lots of people, repeatedly. You can benefit from balancing periods of social engagement with times of more relaxed involvement […]

So What Did You Actually Accomplish? 5 Steps to Make Your Resume Shine

Tweet how do i get back with my ex girlfriend If I had a dollar for each time in the past year I’ve heard friends and relatives say they need to find a new job…well… you get the picture. Nevertheless, many are frustrated, discouraged, and just plain tired of the job-seeking process, however necessary it […]

Interview Invitation: Tell Me About Yourself

Tweet I’m impressed with how well this video demonstrates techniques for covering the talking points that everyone will deal with during a job interview. John Heaney walks you through the following points: Briefly introduce yourself and speak about your personal strengths, linking them to the employer’s needs. Show how your talents apply to the position and give […]

Get Unstuck With a 7-day Goal

Tweet Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck? You know you need to move forward, but somehow you’ve managed to sink your wheels into the mud and all momentum is lost. It can be a frustrating, draining experience. In one of the herd of books I’m currently reading, The Power of Focus, I came across […]

Got a Missing Ingredient? Check Your Assumptions at the Door: A Thought Experiment for Job Seekers

Tweet Imagine the following scenario: A hiring manager is conferring with his staff regarding two finalists for a position. He asks them which one would be the better fit for their department. One by one they give their opinions. Then the hiring manager says: “It’s clear that either one of them could do a good […]